Keith Brunson

Keith Brunson

Keith and Mom

The career I have today is rooted in my early influences as a child. When I was five years old, I was asked to appear on “Romper Room” a show for children.that became a success all across the nation. So my memories of working with adults in a camera and technical setting are some of my first.  Those earliest impressions are what shaped the life I have today.

Straight out of college, I joined CNN before it signed on. I was there on Day one. The new 24-hour TV news channel changed the landscape of broadcast journalism. I used that skill in multiple U.S. markets for ten years and worked in various network affiliates around the country as a broadcast journalist.

While at KTBC in Austin, I did a story about a young film director, and from that story came an offer that would change my life. Writer/Director Daniel Erickson invited me to become his Co-Producer for “The Original Scary Movie.” From the fund raising for the movie came introductions to the highest one percent earners in America. I also cast the film and it was through there I met and cast the then unknown and now Oscar nominated John Hawkes who played our lead in the odd-ball film. The motion picture is available now at and was aired nationally on Turner Classic Movies in 2020. After the film was completed I started The Brunson Agency, a broadcast ad agency and media relations firm in Austin,Texas. We hung out our shingle and began work with our first client on day one.   Our first client was a Scary Movie investor and she introduced me to others just like her in business.

 But things really grew when an agent for public speakers recruited me to speak at marketing conventions to CEOs about how to do their advertising.  I was supposed to teach. But it wound up being a vehicle that would attract new clients from all over the world.  This  ultimately became our biggest tool for new business. We delivered in English, French and Spanish. We created and produced over (250) ad campaigns and completed our journey with that business following its acquisition in 2016.
I recently returned to Knoxville and Reunited with my fraternity brother, Allen Wright, we decide to form Brunson Media Group to serve clients who have a unique story to tell.  I can’t wait to see what’s next.
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